Thursday , July 12 2018


LAHORE: Urdu film Jackpot is gearing up for its nationwide liberate on July 6, 2018. Promotional campaigns have been underway, as good as consistent advertising via social media. The cast of the movie has also been busy making promotional visits throughout the country.

The Shoaib Khan directorial stars Noor Hassan, Sana Fakhar, Ismail Tara, and Javed Sheikh, alongside Indian actor Reyna Malhotra. Billboards at various corners of Lahore are advertising for the movie together with the public campaigns held under the supervision of the film’s producer, Khurram Riaz.

Riaz shared his expertise and expectations concerning the success of the film“Apart from offering just right leisure to the Pakistan’s movie lovers, Jackpot can be an effort to broaden confidence amongst producers to invest in the film industry. I hope for Jackpot to be a pattern setter”


He continued, “This is the first time on account that the revival of our film enterprise that such large measures are being taken for the advertisement of a film. There are numerous billboards in every single place Lahore and we simply need the public to relive the fantastic movies of the prior by means of Jackpot, and believe that those days will quickly be coming back”

Riaz went on to say that he and his staff are looking for the general public’s support for the success of local cinema. “We request the public to watch this movie and that i think they will not be disillusioned.”

The producer additionally mentioned the competition Jackpot faces from Bollywood films. “Cinemas are continually busy, principally considering that the release of Indian films Sanju and Race 3. We are purposely releasing nearby films in the presence of Bollywood releases in an effort to do away with any fear in regional producers delaying the release of their present tasks.”

Sanju’ surpasses ‘Padmaavat’ and ‘Baahubali 2’, earning INR1.2 billion in three days.

He added, “We feel in our skill, capabilities and aspirations, and are hopeful that the first-class of films we’ve produced has justly portrayed this talent. Now we have involved in flair and technology this time as it was once missing previously.”


Riaz revealed that Jackpot has been filmed in Thailand as well as Pakistan and various concentration has been given to the script, forged and music. “Shoaib Khan gave his 100% for the duration of the shoots and i believe that we’ve got the great cast for this film.”

The film-maker also admitted that some huge cash used to be invested in Jackpot and accordingly, it’s now up to most of the people to play their role by giving it a just right response.“I recognize people who gave us a positive response in the course of the promotions for the movie and who will achieve this after the trailer launch too”,Riaz said.”Nevertheless, our real help will be from people that decide upon to watch the movie on the silver screen with their friends and families”

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