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How to figure out toxic relationships.

Judging the fact by observing a LOT of people around me, I think it’s safe to say that there are hardly any couple with a healthy, blooming relationship. I’m not surprised actually. Restricting and inflicting control like a third parent to your partner is what makes a relationship toxic. And that’s where emotional abuse arises from. Confusing love with removing friends, taking down pictures, avoiding hanging out, invading privacy and telling each other what to do is so common that people have forgotten what it looks like being in a happy relationship. Its like Stockholm syndrome, except that the person who got “kidnapped” entered the hell-hole willingly.

Love is about setting free and helping each other grow. A good partner helps you become the best version of you, instead of choking the life out of you by forcing isolation on your life. The one who wants to leave WILL leave. But the one who stays despite being free is the one who’ll stick to you till the end. Be the one who’ll cheer for their partner in every moment of their success, instead of bringing them down for them being above you. Also, there’s a thin line in between being protective and being controlling, choose the one who knows the difference. Before letting yourself belong to someone, take control of who you are, because if you don’t give yourself the love you need, then how can you expect someone else do to the same? Choose wisely, for the one you choose will be how your life will be. Make sure to choose a supporter, a secret keeper, a shoulder and a best friend, just as you would be the same for them. Recognizing whose toxic for you is just like diagnosing your illness, it HAS to be gotten rid of.


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