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The protection of LGBTQ rights is a huge social issue in the current era. LGBTQ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer as an abbreviation. When we talk about the social issues, we see that there are certain basic human rights which are being ignored all over the world and that is just horrible. Being a social animal, a human is bound to have certain connections with different human beings and live in a certain way as to what suits them, and no one has the right to take that away from them. Having a right to live the way they feel like it without harming anybody is a right every living being possesses. Freedom is all about being who we are without any social pressure and if that’s too offensive for anybody, then that’s a problem for their own selves.


Apparently, the crime of taking away the rights of people for being themselves is seen as secondary and is even often ignored due to the fact that it isn’t even considered as an issue. An issue which needs the global attention has to be destructive and affecting, but the sad part is, this issue IS the kind which is destructive. People are shamed, mocked, harmed, jailed and even killed for not being straight and that is just plain despicable. Just because the insecurities of people are high to an alarming length, it doesn’t give them the right to ban the people who are not like everyone. LGBTQ people are perfectly normal and have all the rights to live their lives in the way they desire. On the other hand, many would use the religion card to defend their chauvinistic and misogynistic opinions on the non-straight people and threaten them by wishing them hell fire. Well jokes on them, as if judging people, bullying them and poking their noses into something which clearly isn’t their business will let them roam anywhere near the heavens.


There are a lot of countries who have legalized the LGBTQ community (as if it was something which needed banning in the first place). While there are still a lot of places which still don’t tolerate the non-straight people, we need constant awareness to help them live their lives in the way they are as it is something they are born with. They cannot help with their preferences and neither can we. What really can be done is to follow these few simple but not-so-simple steps:

  • Provide reassurance. The community is already in so much social pressure and is facing way too much mental torture. We need to reassure them that they are not alone and that they are loved and accepted.
  • Be vocal about such issues. Shying away wont do anyone any good and being a human being with decent human empathy, we must be vocal about our support to them and stand united. In that way, we can do so much more than we think we can.

By following such steps, we can surely make this world a better place for anyone regardless of their sexuality.

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