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The perks of teenage rebellion in a society.

The perks of teenage rebellion in a society


Being disobedient can be the most satisfactory thing a teenager can do when the fresh taste of rebellion touches their soul. After all, they were framed for something they never did, then why not give others a chance to actually be right about them for once? This is where teenage rebellion arises from. This is what roots this concept within themselves.

Sure, people were “concerned”. They were SO concerned, that instead of checking up on their own meth-addicted, daredevil children, they chose to stalk you wherever you go, scan you on whatever you do and make a good use of their license of free judgement which by the way, no one gave them. Having overprotective parents is like a cherry on top of this delightful situation even while knowing a teenage phase can be tricky since their child grows up and starts experimenting with life and THIS is what the society targets and preys upon.

Who’s holier?

Everyone pays their keenest attention on what a teen does but never for once they’ll be genuine to them when it comes to properly correct them. Instead, they shame them. They mock them. They throw the “holier than thou” card at them by reminding them how some neighbor’s kid living 100 blocks away is much purer than them. No one realizes what the kid might be going through to enter rebellion. No one cares why, as long as they’re having a live reality show for free with the freedom of making it worse for them as a bonus.

The biggest factor of teenage rebellion is the failure of the parents to be good parents. No one, I repeat NO ONE can mess a child up more than a strict parent. The misconception a large number of Pakistani parents have, is that the more strict the parents are, the more obedient the children will be. And it works. It truly works. It works in shutting up the children for the rest of their lives, no matter how much they go through. Because it’s better to raise a child who’s quiet, sheepish and dead inside than a child who’s vocal and expressive. And if God forbid, a child grows up to be different than the first category, then all hell breaks loose. Their morals are questioned, their choices are questioned and most devastatingly, their presence is questioned. They crush their children out for FEW silly mistakes of their past and judge their whole being for it, while completely ruining their mental stability.


All this can be really traumatic for any teenager but this isn’t the most alarming part. The danger arises when they take this all in so much that they no longer care. No piece of advice work on them and no rule matters to them while they enter their new world of rebellion where no one can no longer rub their raw wounds with their stinging words and for once, they can be themselves in peace without caring what the others might think about them.

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