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Parental abuse is really not something to be ignored.

Parental abuse is really not something to be ignored


Isn’t that amusing to see how a lot of parents misjudge the fact that them being a parent is not a license for them to start abusing and over-controlling their own children? Sure, you made them. Every drop of blood running in their body is yours, but DOES that prove the fact that they have the freedom to do whatever they want to with their children? The reality is, all this is nothing but parental abuse.

Calm down fellas, I’m not being a parent-hater here. Instead, I’m just stating the facts. While there are countless good parents out there who really do care about their children and even can give their own lives for their well-being, but this also cannot be ignored that there indeed are those parents who do exactly the opposite. If there weren’t any wrong sorts of parents out there, the concept of ‘narcissistic parents’ wouldn’t ever arise.

Studies have proven that a lot of disturbed behavior patterns have been observed in children due to them having abusive parents. Now there are all sorts of abuse that people tend to ignore or take lightly when it certainly shouldn’t be taken lightly at all. I mean, is it so hard for people to differentiate abuse from a normal behavior? Turns out, people really don’t know or care, or maybe because they themselves were raised that way which explains them normalize this sort of behavior. Anyway, there are three kinds of abuse:

  • Physical.
  • Sexual.
  • Emotional/psychological.

1) Physical abuse: Physical abuse involves hitting, pinching, burning, twisting arms or ears, etc. Parents hitting their children is seen as a strong offense abroad, but THAT unfortunately, is a very common thing here.

2) Sexual abuse: Sexual abuse involves getting groped, raped or harassed by one’s own parents and even though the ratio of that happening in our country is really low but its still there, even in the ratio of 0.1%.

3) Emotional abuse: Last, but the most damaging and ignored kind of abuse is emotional or psychological abuse. It goes down a long way and the healing for it takes ages. Emotional abuse can be recognized by:

  • Usage of swear words for children.
  • Mocking their dreams and desires..
  • Comparing them with others.
  • Using their fears to make them do ANYTHING.
  • Humiliating them in public.
  • Pointing out their physical flaws and making them self-conscious.
  • Ignoring their pleas and innocent wishes by telling them that its dumb.
  • Scolding them on smallest things.
  • Inflicting your ‘fear’ on them, confusing it with respect.
  • Being critical on everything and scrutinizing their every move.
  • Prioritizing their other siblings over them and not even bothering to hide this.
  • No random acts of affection for them which may provide assurance to them that their parent still loves them.


The list can go on and on but I guess y’all got the point. Abuse is not okay. No matter who the abuser is. Bearing this all in silence is not the proof that you respect them. Its the proof that you’re stupid enough to confuse love with pain. Don’t respect your parents because they’re parents. Respect them because they deserve it. Respect them for what they do for you, and distant yourself from them if they abuse their position in your life (like parental abuse), because no matter who you are and no matter where you belong, you don’t deserve to get abused. No one does. Don’t stoop down to their level and get disrespectful too, but do whatever you can to get yourself out of that situation, because no matter what others might say, the only person that needs you is: You.

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