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Mufti Menk hilarious reply to Reham Khan.

Mufti Menk hilarious reply to Reham Khan.

“Sending shockwaves throughout the internet through her unpublished book and posting clever tweets.” By perusing this just a single individual will strike a chord!!. Yess you are right. “Reham Khan.” Reham Khan, the former spouse of Imran Khan and well-known journalist is again being trolled by Pakistani’s for her recent tweet on beard.


This sound hilarious right? Reham Khan has become national gossip of Pakistan due to her dubious tweets on Pakistan’s politics. She even endeavored to disturb and incite the outrage of PTI by requesting help to edit her book cover in her recent tweet. Well, known Islamic scholar, Mufti Menk seems to take offense on the attire she posted due to its similarity to his attire and posted a hilarious tweet in reply.


People have trolled her for this tweet and have expressed mix reactions on her recent follow-up. Let’s check out some of the replies.


Mufti-Menk-hilarious-reply-to-Reham-Khan.png. July 2, 2018Mufti-Menk-hilarious-reply-to-Reham-Khan.jpg

In her recent tweet she claimed that she is cyber bullied by some well known political party and she is being threatned on daily basis. Well, what is reality? Only God knows that…..

Mufti-Menk-hilarious-reply-to-Reham-khan.jpgShe also tried to clear her stance by saying that her British humor was misunderstood.


With elections coming nearer, Reham khan tweets are taking diversified  turns. Her recent book which, is going to br published in August might impact the notoriety of Imran khan in the upcoming elections. No doubt Pakistanis have great sense of humor. Well, we can hope that it was her last controversial tweet.

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