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Why cheating in a relationship is bad.

why cheating in a relationship is bad.


How committed does one have to be to call themselves ‘committed’? Why would you purposely make your partner jealous if you really are in a serious relationship? I mean, is your insecurity that bad that you have to make your partner feel jealous to boost your own goddamned ego? ONE flirting with an outsider will make your partner question their worth. ONE careless mistake of yours will shatter every bit of their self-esteem which by the way, takes ages to build again. The sanctity of a ‘serious’ relationship is sadly so ruined that slipping in other people into our lives are no big deal to us. You question your partner’s sanity after completely ruining their mental health. Or worse, rave around to other people about your partner, calling them crazy. Is it so hard to stick to one person after all what they do for you? Cheating is honestly so childish and unnecessary. If you don’t plan on treating them the way they deserve to be treated, then leave them. So someone else can treat them like the way they’d like. Or better, let them pick up their broken pieces on their own because lets face it, you can’t do shit. The least you can do is to escort yourself out of their lives. Let them heal themselves to an extent that they look even better than the time you decided to tag along in their lives.


“People accuse other people of unfaithfulness because that’s what they have been doing themselves”.
Well, I partially disagree. People might accuse their partners for unfaithfulness because their partners must have been unfaithful to them back then. How can you not expect the insecurity to take place when you yourself put them in that position where they spend hours in their lives over thinking and demeaning themselves? Where did this fragile self esteem come from? Or was it never strong enough? And the amusing part is, people don’t even know what factors are included in being unfaithful to your partner because to them, cheating is only physical.
Here are what “I” think involves in wrongdoings in a relationship. Mind you, what’s not fine with me might be fine to someone else. It’s just my opinion.
  • Casual or direct flirting involves as cheating.
  • DMing other people just for the sake of dming them involves in cheating.
  • Stalking, starring other people is what leads to being unfaithful.
  • Flirtatious compliments are also included in being unfaithful.
  • Mingling unnecessarily with the opposite gender leads to cheating.


But the bottom line is, mutual agreement is as important as the way it is ignored. If your partner is fine with the above points and as long as you know your limits while doing anything, then it’s okay I guess. But as for me, its not okay. It’ll never be okay, because these small factors are the ones which pile up into a bigger mess. These negligible factors are what becomes home-wrecking in the end. Its as simple as the kick-start of cheating, because the way I take it, is when you are committed to one person, why would your eyes ever roam around towards other people? Why would you stalk random people and slide into their DMs? Why would you hide your conversations or feel offended if your partner asks you who are you talking to. Don’t give me this crap regarding normalization of the trend of people getting attracted to attractive people because its what, natural? How about the next time you tell people to take this wave of attraction normally, imagine your own partner doing that behind your back. Good luck feeling shitty but hey, its the hormones not them, right?

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