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Can a cricketer become the next prime minister of pakistan

Can a cricketer become the next prime minister of pakistan

Can a cricketer become the next prime minister of pakistan?

The most important question swirling around these days is, “Can a cricketer become the next prime minister of pakistan?” As we are heading close to July 25, fervor in the political domain is also increasing. All things considered, without doubt, this is going to be the most interesting elections in the history of Pakistan. Many analysts believe that there are a lot of chances for Imran Khan to become the next PM of Pakistan and there are plenty of the reasons for that.  We will be looking into that reasons now.


  1. With Nawaz Sharif getting disqualified by the supreme court, chart of trust by people on PMLN has eventually dropped. His party is in hot water these days and yes! Imran Khan will most likely to get an advantage of it in the coming races.
  2. The only person who was pronounced clean by Supreme Court in the long preliminary was Imran Khan. So much examination but still came clean. Well, Imran Khan has won millions of heart by this.
  3. History of elections of Pakistan demonstrates that PMLN and PPP have won most elections. Imran Khan has not got a single chanced yet. So this time people are thinking of giving him a possibility and test him rather than testing those who have effectively won three elections in past.
  4. PMLN has become the center point of media’s criticism because of the corruption they did in past. Panama papers are hurting them badly. Advantage again goes to PTI.
  5. Well, we all know who is the national heartthrob Pakistan. One and only “Imran Khan”. He is a social media sensation and does hold a sway from youth. He is social media PM already. Support from youth has expanded his chances of getting more votes than previous elections.
  6. Punjab, being the key battleground for elections hold more than 272 directly elected seats from parliament. Imran khan has won the hearts of the youth of Punjab. In addition to it, he has increased the political campaigns in Punjab. His increasing notoriety in Punjab will help him in considerable measure.


Imran khan, the most charismatic athlete of Pakistan has become the center point of attention these days. With elections coming nearer, people expectations towards him have increased in considerably large manner. Pakistan requires an honest, faithful leader now. Defilement has crushed the framework of the country. It’s perfect time for all of the natives to critically analyze each and every person standing in election and then vote.

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